12 Super Exciting Places to Visit in North Goa

It has been a jading month. Starting Jan, me and Anna decided, we will hit North Goa for a week stay, away from the hustle bustle, office politics, whining from nagging clients, and all the jazz. Anna broke up with her long term boyfriend, and it was a perfect excuse to spend the weekend and leave the past behind and get back to loving yourself, your life, before going back to the rat race. Living in Mumbai, makes us feel lucky to go on weekend getaways to Goa. We have been tired of partying. It’s hard to leave Goa, no matter how many time we explore the place. Goa is magical and addictive, (no pun intended). These are one of the best places to visit in North Goa.

We had decided to explore the North of Goa this time. We did the partying and yoga tours, and now we wanted to experience a different side of goa, with a different mood and feel for a change. We wanted our long weekend to be fun, closer to nature, experiencing wildlife, beaches, sundowners,shacks, tranquil beaches, forts, backwaters, and more. When the sun goes down, we wanted most of the days chatting off on the quiet beaches of Aguada.

We took a week off from work, we wanted ‘me’ time. It has been long since we were on a week long holiday. This was a good time. We had our paid leaves pending, so we used it up for the right time of the year for a week long vacation.

We started the road trip on Friday night, and drove away in turns to the northern part of Goa. We had already booked our rooms in the resort of Aguda beach. We reached Goa on Saturday night, and took some rest. The next day was awaiting to start our adventure, rejuvenate, and experience life to its fullest.

 The pristine Aguada beach and Fort

Fort with LightHouse-Best Places to visit in North Goa



We loved the morning walk and beach hiking on the Aguada beach in the morning. We started at 6 am after rustling up some breakfast and coffee. Known for its serenity, we loved being the shutterbugs for a while, as we enjoyed the quiet, and being away from the rush that we go through. It was so beautiful to start morning life this, full of peace and tranquility.We loved the view of the lighthouse at the Aguada Fort. We almost spent half a day here, before visiting other place, we had out bit of lime soda, corn on cobs, and gobbled down delish seafood. North Goa sightseeing is impossible without visiting this beach.

Scuba diving and more at Sinquerim beach

Sinquerim Beach-Nort Goa Sightseeing



We loved the sun and the sand on this beach. We went wind surfing and scuba diving for a few hours. Shopped in the flea markets, and swimming in the pristine waters. If water sports is what you want to do, this is the beach for you. Ideal for a view and adventure.

Mandovi beach

Mandovi Bridge-Places to visit in North Goa

We went on the bicycle rides and took the cruise in the evening. One of the most exhilarating experiences was cruising on the Mandovi River and having a nice dinner. We enjoyed the delectable Goan cuisine and the vibrant cultural performances of the troupe on the cruise ship.

Deltin Royale Casino cruise

Goa Deltin-North Goa Sightseing



This was a once in a lifetime experience for me. We stayed here for 2 nights and enjoyed the awesome cuisine and hospitality getting a view of the Mandovi River. We played red roulette and tried our luck with the chips. We thoroughly enjoyed the live entertainment at this place. A must visit in the northern Goa if you love to cruise and enjoy the live entertainment. Most of my friend telle me that this the best places to visit in north goa.

Arambol beach

Arambol Beach - North Goa Places to visit



The evening view of the beach was breathtaking with the scenic black hills, silvery blue sky in the backdrop. We enjoyed sipping cocktails and enjoying the live show happening on that beach. One of the less crowded beaches was best for me and Anna to spend out evening, walking, talking, enjoying the view, and listening to music. We spent the night in the beach hut and took surfing lessons in the morning. We loved paragliding and water sports at a beach that was closer to Arambol beach.

We started our sojourn, sightseeing Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. The magnificent white beauty was the first church built in this part of Goa.

We were waiting for the sundowner, and oh, what a view it was during the sunset. The peach and pink tones of the sky through the green of the palm trees on the pristine beach. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to be than this on that day. Picturesue, ingrained in our memory. We had a good day unwinding ourselves on the Arambol beach, and back to our resort. You should add this place in your list to sightseeing in north goa.

Vagator beach the next day

Best Places to see in North Goa



Flea markets, party zones in wee hours, vibrant night outs, water sports, we spent 2 days on this beach partying, shopping, buying souvenirs, and partying all night. Super serene beach that had chill music and good food. We still find this day memorable for its vibrancy and vigor.

Temple of Bodgeshwar

Temple to visit in North Goa



Located 12 kilometers from Panaji, we visited this temple in the morning. This is known to be a wish-fulfillingtemple. You will find this place crowded. We pray for happiness and well being of near and dear ones. This is the Shiva temple that is popular in Goa, and this becomes one of the best places to visit in north goa.

The Church of Mae De Deus

Sailgo Church in North Goa



The Church of Mae De Deus gives a victorian appeal and has a stunning architecture. With its domes and pews, we loved the magnificent view of the church. We spent and hour exploring the church and the surrounding lush greens before heading to the next place. This church was built in the 16th century and Saligao has become a local parish. Mass is conducted on Sundays and this church is known for its heritage.

Beach hiking on the Candolim beach

Condolim Beach to Visit in North Goa



One of the best beaches that have a laid back feel to it. We enjoyed parasailing at this beach. One of the quieter beaches away from the hustle bustle of Calangute. We had done the Calangute last time we were there. We stayed at the beach resort for the night and enjoyed the serenity and good cuisine on the nearby inn.

The golden sand of Miramar beach

Miramar Beach in North Goa



Only 3 kilometers from Panaji, we visited this pristine beach which glistened in its golden sand. You can watch the Aguada Fort from this beach. We were told that this beach aint good for swimming, so we visited went on small stroll and spent quite time here. We bought local crafts and souvenirs at this place.

Massage and relaxation at the Ashwem beach

Visit Ashwem Beach in North Goa



Also known as the Turtle beach, this is one of the lesser known beaches. It has a landscape view and we loved the stay in the shacks and get a rejuvenating massage. One of the best sundowner parties is at this beach.

For the love of leisure Chapora beach

Chapora Beach in North Goa



This has been quite a beachy week for us. We loved the sun, sand, the water, adventure, a dash of spirituality, entertainment, and fun games in this part of Goa. We visited the famous Chapora Fort, which as been a landmark when Portuguese visited this part of Goa. We loved watching dolphins, and catching some fish. A beach also famous for its nightlife, we resisted that temptation, and just strolled to enjoy the live bands and music.

There is a lot more to explore in this part of Goa. Pristine and unexplored beaches known for their beauty and scenic view. Go on boat rides, take a cruise, enjoy the water sports, cuisine, and get a lifetime experience that you wouldn’t forget. We went back home with picturesque memories and all back and fresh to start a new day in the city. Have we missed out any places that you should visit in norht goa? Do share your thoughts in comment below.

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