15 Best Places To Visit In Mumbai and Pune This Monsoon

Places to Visit in Monsoon - Malshej Ghat

Monsoon is a time where you get to feel the utter beauty of nature. And what’s better than visiting Mumbai or Pune where the rain just kisses their lands this season. So, pack your bags and get ready to feel the rain. Here we are listing top 15 places to visit in Mumbai and Pune this monsoon. Let’s get started:

1.Malshej ghat:

Places to Visit in Monsoon - Malshej Ghat

Malshej ghat is a hill station near to sahyadri ranges in Mumbai. This is the best place to visit during monsoon as it covers the whole land with its greenery and wonderful waterfalls. The view just becomes breath-taking when the drops of rain hits the ground. In monsoon time, valleys and lacks are filled up with water and its view is quite marvellous. The mountains of malshej ghat are also a home of diverse flora and fauna.

To enjoy this extreme environment, drive yourself to malshej ghat to see its beautiful view. There are many resorts near to malshej ghat to relax and refresh.

2. Lonavla and khandala:

Places to visit in monsoon near mumbai - Lonavala

Lonavla and khandala are twin hill stations near Mumbai which are quite popular among the tourists due to their lush greenery and bhushi dam which has as outstanding waterfall. This is the perfect place for outdoor activities nearby like picnic, boating and bathing. Celebrity museum also attract peoples towards it because it has lots of wax statue of different celebrities. The view of rajmachi and its tasty food also make it more beautiful space to visit. Pack your bags and get ready to witness the exemplary beauty and delicious cuisine. It will take you to the heaven.

3. Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani:

Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani Monsoon Places to visit

Mahabaleshwar is among the most visited hill station near sahyadri ranges in Mumbai where the nature speaks to their visitors. Monsoon covers this land with a lot of growing crops and waterfall which are nothing short of spectacular. The fragrance of some flowers here will take you to an another level. Mahabaleshwar is known for its infinite rainfall that is among the highest in India during monsoon. So make sure you are packed with necessary clothes and equipement before heading here. Another hill station twenty kilometres away from mahabaleshwar is panchgani, which is a whole new adventure. You can do a lot of things her such as boating, trekking, watching large beautiful valleys and much more. Table land, the Asia’s second largest mountain also situated in panchgani. Explore it as much as you can!

4. Lohagad Fort:

Monsoon Places to visit near Mumbai

Lohagad fort of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is one of the topmost hill forts near Pune which reflects the perfect combination of adventure and history nearby. The entry gate of Lohagad Fort is called the wind spot because it really lifts your feet off from the land the moment you step on it. It offers you a beautiful view from the top. From the top of Lohagad Fort, you can also see other great places like Tung and Tikona hiils, Pavana dam, Duke’s nose etc. During monsoon, it covers itself with wonderful shades of greenery which makes amazing view and a great place for trekking as well.

5. Mulshi dam:

Mulshi Dam best places to visit in rainy season

This dam is some kilometres away from Mumbai. It is built over the Mula River which generates electricity for Maharashtra. During monsoon, water flows in mulshi dam at its maximum level witch results in fog around the dam which really makes you feel that you are walking in clouds. Driving to Mulsi dam will make your trip even more interesting and enjoyable because the whole area is covered with forest and mist which doubles the enjoyment trip with its too much cool environment.

6. Karnala:

Karnala Monsoon Places in Mumbai

An amazing place to visit nearby Mumbai, karnala is a beautiful place where the greenly vegetation and waterfalls offers a majestic view. It is one of the coolest places in Maharashtra. Driving from Mumbai to Karnala provides you an excellent view of the misty sahyadri ranges during monsoon. The environment of karnala is so refreshing and relaxed that you will lost in the serenity of it in just a minute. Also, there is too much to explore in the Karnala fort. Karnala is also popular due to its bird sanctuary because it is the home of many non-native birds. In monsoon you can see the variety of birds here.

7. Thosegar falls, Near satara:

Falls to visit in rainy season

Thosegar falls is one of the most popular places to visit near Mumbai and pune. It’s roaring waterfalls and greenery doubles the beauty of thosegar falls. Peoples come here from all over Maharashtra and India. You can spot so many animals and trees around waterfall which doubles the excitement. Thosegar falls gives much more beautiful view during rainy or monsoon and it should not be missed. Visit with your friends and family and enjoy all the scenic beauty. You can also visit the “Samahdi” of Samarth Ramdas Swami, the spiritual guru shivaji.

8. Randha falls:

Randha Falls to visit in monsoon season

Randha Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls situated 165 kilometres away from Mumbai. Randha falls is built on the Pravara River and you must watch the amazing view of 170 feet high fall into gorge at Randha falls. With well laid down path, you can enjoy the water fall as well. If you get lucky, you can enjoy the beautiful rainbow formed due to the droplets. The captivating view, fresh water and environment makes this place a must during monsoons. So, what are you waiting for?

9. Durshet:

Durshet Places near Pune in Monsoon

Durshet is a place that is filled with beautiful waterfalls and the best time to visit this place is surely during monsoon. You can enjoy the lush filled greenery and amazing weather with the smooth drive from Mumbai to Durshet. The explicit variety of Flora and Fauna make this land even more pleasant to watch. There are many adventurous sports available at Durshet such as rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing etc. You can see variety of birds and butterflies at Durshet.

10. Igatpuri:

Igatpuri Best place to visit in rainy season near mumbai

Have you ever visit Igatpuri? If not, please do! It is among the most popular places to visit during monsoon near to the dream city Mumbai. It is a small hill station located in the sahyadri ranges, filled with greenery and excellent atmosphere. Igatpuri has a lot to visit and you get to learn a lot about ancient Indian artefacts etc. Vipassana International academy is a one of such place where you will find a lot of ancient things and instrument. Also, you can learn an old technique of meditation called as vipassana, where it gets its name.

11. Alibaug:

Weekend Gateway in Monsoon near mumbai

If you love roaming around water, Alibaug is a perfect place for you near Mumbai. The place is filled with beaches where you can do a lot of things. There is a fort here which is around half an hour away from Alibaug called Kolaba sea fort. The ferry service is also very famous here where you get to see the stunning view behind the huge valleys. Moreover, you can trek to the top of some mountains here and witness the majestic view or royal bath into the sea. Already excited? Then, go jump into the adventure at Alubaug.

12. Tapola:


Tapola is also known as the little Kashmir of the western coast. This is the most popular tourist destination near Mumbai and Pune during monsoon. Once the land covers itself with greenery, it looks majestic and attractive. Tapola also has a koyana dam which is the biggest dam in Maharashtra. You can enjoy boating or even hire a speed motor boat at the famous lake of Tapola. The see is blue as a sky and the feel of it will blow your mind away.

13. Matheran:

Matheran To Visit in Monsoon

Interestingly, Matheran is a place where no vehicles are allowed for the locals. So, you could feel the peace and calmness here which is obviously rare to acknowledge in some of the big cities. You can ride in a train to visit the whole town for excited journey of Matheran. The fog on the hills will make you feel, that you are walking on the clouds. There is also a Charlotte lake and Pisarnath Mahadev temple to visit in Matheran.

14. Bhandardara:

Bhandardara In Rainy Season

Bhandardara is located near to the Pravara River from where you can get an amazing view of nature. There are two must visit places to visit in bhandardara that are Arthur lake and randha falls. The stunning environment will make sure that you spend a good time here. This is the best getaway to enjoy the beauty of monsoon during holidays. There some resorts also available on the location to get relaxed and refreshed again for the adventure.

15. Kalsubai peak:

Kalsubai Peak Near Pune in Monsoon

This is the longest peak in Sahyadri ranges near Mumbai and Pune. When you get to the top of the hill, there is no better feeling than to just admire everything. Greenery, greenery everywhere and especially in the rainy season, this place is a heaven of a sort. The Bhandardara dam’s water often overflows and one can see this spectacular view at the Kalsubai peak. There is also a temple situated at the top of kalsubai peak. Go and have fun!

You have any other best places to visit in themonsoon? do share it with us in the comment below!

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