About Me



I am Hiren Joshi, a globetrotter and founder of a digital marketing company [Ally Digital Media]. I have always believed, things are destined to happen…you can never make happen. This travel blog happened by destiny, mostly and partly because of my unquenching wanderlust.

Nonetheless, I often hear people saying:

Does travel have to be expensive all the time?

How can I get the best deals?

How much research should I do before travelling?

What makes the best travel experience?

And I wondered, hey, I could answer all these questions and more to make fellow traveller’s journey easy, comfortable and by many levels streamlined.

Lately, I realized that many readers and explorers like me are looking for customizable travel solutions but you simply don’t have any of those out there. This made me think that being an explorer and not documenting my experiences wasn’t right. I said, “why not” and thus starts travellerbee.com, a blend of my digital marketing knowledge and love for travel.

From being a fulltime DIGITAL MARKETER to part-time TRAVELER & FOODIE

Travel has many levels. Yes that’s true. But I like to make an informed and responsible travel trips. I do a lot of background research, data collection and fact checking before I head on a trip, especially the international journeys. And this ground level know-how trickles into my blogs giving you a very practical, peerless and exceptional travel tips and advices.

There’s more to what motivated me to start this heartfelt travelogue…

I was travelling Thailand, my first international trip. Like I said, I had done a thorough research on everything. While travelling, I found a fellow Indian traveller who had come along with his family.

He was duped by a travel agency and was anxiously looking for someone to help him convert their nightmarish trip into a family vacation worth remembering.

Fortunately, while shopping we met in a mall and I guided and helped him plan the entire trip. He and his family were extremely happy. In fact, it was he who encouraged me to start this blog.

Since then, I wake up every day with a goal to help fellow travellers. The yearning to travel takes me places and the experiences I share give me a satisfaction that perhaps I brought a change for someone, somewhere. Personal experiences documented thoughtfully into realistic travel tips and advices is surely something you won’t anywhere, save here.

I always remember a saying from Pat Conroy, “Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”

So Keep Enjoying. Keep Travelling. The world out there is an insanely beautiful place.

Au Revoir!