10 Best Hotels and Resorts in Goa for Honeymoon near the Beach

Best Hotels and resorts in Goa

Looking for an exotic romantic place this summer? Then, head to the “Pearl of the Orient”, Goa. Whether you wish to blindly jump into the adventures or want to get lost in the serendipity of the calm waters, Goa will make you find the eternal pleasure of life in just one stay.

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Just a couple of months back, I and my wife decided to expend our honeymoon in Goa. We had planned it for a long time and finally, the day had come. It’s just an amazing place to be. It is jam-packed with alluring beaches, parties, and romantic tombs.

For the time were we here, not even a second felt tedious and we end up having a great time. But, to back all the bustles and energy, all you need is a romantic resort or hotel. And, Goa is no short of them. There is a shedload of places here where you can relax with your partner for a romantic and calm stay.

Let’s begin the list of 10 best hotels and resorts you can find in Goa:

Zuri White Sands Resort

Resorts in Goa

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Varca beach has some exotic resorts for couples and Zuri White Sands Resort is no exception. It is the only 5-star hotel to be located here. The view from the balcony is stunning. The resort offers several bars, restaurants, spa, waterfall cafe and much more. Live performances, dance parties, and music are regular drills and we really had a pleasant time here.

They also allow their guests to have dinner on the beach. We spend the whole night near the born fire and the resort assisted us in the best possible way.

Vivanta Taj

Vivanta taj Goa resort

Image Source – https://vivanta.tajhotels.com/en-in/panaji-goa/

If you want to spend a luxurious time near the beach, you would be fairly satisfied with the hospitality and comfort Vivanta Taj offers. Rooms are equipped with all the basic amenities, they are spacious enough and the food is delicious. Spa facility could be better, but other than that, we found the hotel to be supreme. Staff was very helpful and courteous and they provided the best service.

The resort has a Portugal feel to it, maybe because of the Fort Aguada which was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

Majorda Beach Resort

Majorda Beach Resort in Goa

Image Source – http://www.bestgoahotels.com/373/majorda-beach-resort-majorda-beach-5-star-goa-hotel/

Another 5-star resort on our list and it deserves to be a top contender for a romantic and enthralling stay. Two acres of lush green land with spacious rooms and beautiful garden. We had a memorable time here, as everything was just spot on. Friendly staff and crowd, lush green fields, clean environment and one tip for you! Get yourself loaded with fast-food and chilled beer, as it has a lot of them.

There are several other activities too where you can try your hands-on like, Ayurvedic treatment, sauna, steam therapy, gym, an indoor swimming pools and lot more.

Marriott Resort & Spa

Mariat Hotels in Goa

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Located in the Miramar Beach, The Marriot Resort & Spa offers a convenient and luxurious stay for a couple. When we reached here, the first thing we noticed was how well the rooms and the infrastructure of this resort have been built. It was a sheer luxurious experience. It is located near to the Dudsagar Falls which is obviously a delight to watch and top of that, you can indulge in various water sports like water skiing, sailing etc on the beach.

There is also a spa made specially made for couples and an option to take yoga classes as well.

The Lalit Goa


Image Source – http://www.bestgoahotels.com/391/the-lalit-goa-resort-the-grand-intercontinental-hotel-patnam-beach-5-star-goa-hotel/

If you want to have a soothing and noise-free stay with your partner, then The Lalit Goa is the one for you. Far away from the shrill buzz of the city, this is one of the best resort for couples. It’s a pretty huge resort which covers a lot of ground such as pool, gym, spa, it also has its own casino and near to a 6303-yard golf course. So, your time here will be spent in a flash. Food is available with diverse varieties such as continental, Goan and different sorts of cuisines.

Moreover, the hotel organizes different activities like pottery classes, bon fire, culinary classes and the list is endless.

Coco Shambhala

Coco Shambhala Resort in Goa

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Followed by a unique name, Coco Shambhala is a unique resort which is combined with four glorious villas in Bardez and offers stunning experience. I bet you won’t be able to find a single flaw in this resort. That’s what we felt when we were here. Be it the architecture, the pool, the garden, the food, everything is made with perfection and it does shine in every department.

Staff is very helpful and will take care of your needs with proper assistance. There is a special type of menu which is designed for a couple and this time grant it as a secret. Go and reveal the covert by yourself.

Nirvana Hermitage

Nirvana Goa Resorts

Image Source – http://www.nirvanahermitage.com/

Nirvana Hermitage is located near the Anjuna Beach and it’s a delight to spend a honeymoon here. It felt like the hotel is designed by a gifted painter where he has drawn a beautiful painting and put all his creativity to it. Every detail is designed with utter perfection. We really adored the service at the front task too. Whatever you would be asking for, you will get it no time. They are quick and very co-operative.

And, we can’t forget the time we had in the tent room. Yes! They organize special tent rooms near the pool on demand and you can order snacks and booze to make it even more pleasing.

Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blue Resort in Goa

Image Source – https://www.agoda.com/en-in/radisson-blu-resort-goa-cavelossim-beach/hotel/goa-in.html?cid=-145

Radisson Blu is known to provide an opulence experience to their guests and it doesn’t lose out in Goa too. It is a splendidly crafted resort fabricated with tons of services. While everything is beautifully organized, one thing which we liked the most was its “Sohum Spa”. Once you enter here, the magic will slowly begin to palm into your mind and would give you a soothing experience.

There are two restaurants and a bar with lavishing food and drinks, a beautiful swimming pool with rainfall showerheads, and lot more.

Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort

Lemon Tree Hotel and Resorts in Goa

Image Source – https://www.lemontreehotels.com/getattachment/ae369dc6-a397-4a8e-9904-e02152594c8a/Fitness-Center-(1).aspx

The Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort resembles the early 15th century Portugal as it has been made according to its history, poetry, and culture. You can see a ton of oil painting hanging on almost every wall of the resort, which gives it a bit more of an artistic feel to it. There are more than 60 luxurious rooms and suites with beautiful balconies. We just sat there for more than 3 hours and it felt like a heaven.

For cuisine, the resort offers 2 restaurants with and everything is delicious. There is also an outdoor pool and a full-service spa for your comfort.

Whispering Palms

Whispering Palms

Image Source – http://www.whisperingpalms.com/images/goa/hotel/hotel-5.jpg

Last but certainly not the least! Whispering Palms is a type of resort that can give you all the peace and at the same time provide an audacious experience. You can indulge in various things like recreational actives, ayurvedic massage, outdoor activities, sports like beach Cricket, Volleyball, Beach Football, water sports such as Banana Rides, Jet Skiing, Para Sailing. Dolphin Ride. What else do you want?

You can spend an amazing time at this resort and also a majestic waterfall is just 30 minutes away. Go and have fun! You’ve been to any one these? Or others which can easily fir up into the list. Do share your views in comments below!


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