13 Secret Places & Beaches in Goa Rarely Anyone Knows about it

Secret Places in Goa

I am neither a mountain baby and nor the hill stations are my favourite. I am fond of them and I love exploring the snow-capped mountains but my heart lies in the beaches. I have been loving the beaches all my life and I am going to love them the rest of my life too. Talking about the beaches, yes I have explored quite a few beaches in India. My favourite destination is undoubtedly Goa and I have been there three to four times till now. I have gone with my friends all the time. I have explored all the major places like Baga beach, Calangute beach, Anjuna beach, Fort Aguada, Brittos and all the major places of Goa. But, during my recent trip to Goa with my friends, we decided to explore most of the unexplored places and hidden beaches in Goa. So, if you are looking to try some hidden places to visit in Goa as well, you can take a cue from here.

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  1. Cola Beach

Cola beach is in the South Goa about 15 km from Palolem beach. The road trip to this beach is quite scenic and serene. This beach is serene and peaceful. It is a beautiful beach with palm trees and coconut palm groves lined in a row which makes for an Instagram worthy backdrop for pictures. You will find some Rajasthani huts and exotic lagoons in this beach.

Cola Beach Goa-Secret Places in Goa


  1. Galgibaga Beach

We all love clean beaches, don’t we? This one is the cleanest beach in Goa which needs to be explored. This beach gives the feel of crystal clear water, clean sand along with the pine and coconut trees surrounding the whole area. The beach is also called as the Turtle beach as this is the only beach where the programs for olive turtles are held. It is 18 km from Canacona beach.

Secret Places on Goa


  1. Arvalem Caves

Goa is loved for its beaches and pubs but there are some ancient historic places in Goa which need to be given a try too. Arvalem caves are also known as the Pandava caves as it is believed that the Pandava brothers lived there. It is a rock cut cave and the mysterious aura of the place charms the visitors with its appearance.

Arvalem Caves-Secret Places in Goa


  1. Cabo De Rama Fort

Another one of the hidden places to visit in Goa is Cabo De Rama Fort. It is also in the South Goa in the Mumbai Cochin highway. The fort has ruins and old cannons of the Portuguese rulers who used this place for their saviour. The place is now ideal for picnics, photography and also for relaxing.

Reis Magos Fort Goa


  1. Baman Budo Waterfalls

If you are in Goa, you must visit some of the beautiful waterfalls of the state because they are splendid to watch. To the people who are really looking to rejuvenate and dive into nature’s lap then you must visit Baman Budo waterfall which is a fun spot for the tourists.

Goa Waterfalls


  1. Hollant Beach

Beaches for me have a definition of clean and shiny golden sand, colourful shacks, crystal clear water and a perfect view of the sunset. I got this view and ambience at the Hollant beach which is one of the hidden beaches in Goa. Since it is not explored too much its beauty is rustic and unadulterated. I saw people peacefully swimming on this beach.

Secret Places to Visit in Goa


  1. Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

Goa is a place to explore the beauty in all the forms. This gem is one of the hidden places to visit in Goa. They host about 133 butterfly species. You will go into the lane of lush forests with so many different colourful and beautiful butterflies. If you are a nature lover or a photographer, you must visit this place.

Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

  1. Butterfly Beach

Talking about the butterflies, there is one beach called Butterfly beach which is one of the hidden beaches in Goa. One could find here a variety of butterflies flying near the beach. Apart from the butterflies, one can also see dolphins and crabs. Though spotting dolphins is not a regular scenario.

Secret Beaches in Goa


  1. The Tiger Beach

Unlike the butterfly beach, you won’t spot any tigers here. This beach is known by the name of Kakolem beach and is one of the beautiful secret beaches in Goa. This is a deserted beach with a picturesque scene that is all you want for your relaxed vacation. It is in South Goa and is 7 km from the Cabo De Rama resort.

Tiger Beach-Secret Beaches in Goa


  1. Sinquerim Fort

If you are a fan of stunning architecture just like me, you need to visit Sinquerim Fort. It is situated in North Goa in Bardez district. This Portuguese architecture is made in such a way that you enjoy the most pleasant view of the sunset from the Sinquerim beach which is just near to the fort. It is a paradise for the photographers as it is mostly isolated.



  1. Chorla Ghats

Talking about the beautiful hidden places of Goa, we cannot miss this. I urge everyone to give this majestic place a try which is in the Goa – Karnataka – Maharashtra border. It is a hill station in Goa having tropical jungles and lush green valleys. The place is ideal for hiking and trekking apart from just relaxing in that tropical ambience. It is in North Goa in the Sahyadri Mountain Range.

Chorla Ghat - Secret Places to Visit in Goa


  1. The Bat Island

Vacationing in an island is something super soothing and a memorable experience of a lifetime. It is also called as Pequeno island. The place is beguiling having rocky edges, golden sand, green landscape, and azure skies and water. The place is ideal for snorkelling. Couples must visit this place. It is in South Goa about 1 km from Vasco De Gama and can be reached by ferry.

Bat Island Goa-Places to Visit in Goa


  1. Cambarjua Backwater Canal

Backwaters in Goa! Interesting isn’t it? This is one of the hidden places to visit in Goa. It has a narrow creek and a lively village where you can try backwater cruise ride through the marshes and thick mangrove forests. The place is super green and dreamy. One can also spot crocodiles at the bank of the canal. Hit the place with your group of friends.

Cambarjua Backwater Canal-Hidden Places in Goa


These were some of the best hidden places to visit in Goa. Goa is so much more than the beaches, pubs and mainstream water activities. Experience another side of Goa and go on an actual relaxing vacation by chilling on the secret beaches of Goa.

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