Top 10 Best Beach in South Goa for Honeymoon

Best Beach in South Goa for Honeymoon

The honeymoon is definitely a time when two individual get a chance to know each other well and understand the likes and dislikes of the person they have tied their knot with. For me, it was an over enchanting experience, as traveling to South Goa for Honeymoon was a dream, which I always wanted to fulfill. The peaceful beaches in south goa and the lovely people around welcoming you from their heart are what you always enjoy, and the calm weather makes you fall in love with your special someone in a way every day around. Here are the top 10 beaches in south goa, which I will recommend you to go, in case you are also planning your honeymoon in Goa shortly:

  1. Colva Beach

If you are on honeymoon, the localities will definitely suggest you visiting Colva, as they say, Colva is for lovebirds, and it in fact is. I have beautiful memories of Colva beach during the evening time. You can opt for a tender and romantic candlelight dinner at the beach with my husband, accompanied by some violin player, giving music score at the background syncing beautifully with the mystic sound of water. After the dinner, he took me for a long walk handheld. I still remember this romantic course because the same thing happens to me today even after 4 years my marriage. If you are a trill enthusiast, and like adventure plays such as skiing and paragliding, do roam around as these activities are offered on the oldest but loveliest beach of South Goa.

Best Beach in south Goa

  1. Palolem Beach

Palolem is a standout amongst the most charming beaches in South Goa. The sickle molded beach is ideal for a night stroll around the shallow shores. Likewise, it is a well-known center point to witness the incident nightlife in Goa. Daybreak and nightfall sees are amazing. You can spot dolphins here usually, and you observe the chuckle of waves here as the night gives way to dawn. These scenes attract me the most.

  1. Agonda Beach

Agonda is less jammed in contrast with other South Goan beaches. This beach is a perfect escape for isolation and peace searchers. I was utterly amazed when my beloved husband wrote a poem for me. Your inner romanticism will come from you naturally after watching the sheer beauty of this place. With shacks accessible at cheap rates, Agonda beach beat the rundown of the highest end of the week escapes in Goa. We thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling dolphin rides here.

best places to visit in goa for honeymoon

  1. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is a stylish composition of greenery with the Arabian Sea at outskirt. Today this South Goan beach is a sun darling’s spot and draws in romantic couples of all sorts. The beach is famous for water activities such as boat riding, jet skiing, and bike rides.

  1. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a little town in South Goa. It gloats of a disconnected breathtaking sand beach, ideal for people who look forward to serenity. Surrounded by coconut forests, this reasonably little South Goan beach offers a chance to go for a ride on a twin bicycle. I enjoyed this ride the most with my sweetest husband.

  1. Betul Beach

If you are hunting for a romantic escape in the midst of characteristic tranquility, Betul beach is an absolute necessity visit with your partner. This south Goan beach has nearly 60 hovels accessible at the settlement at a nominal cost. This beach is a perfect opportunity to blend with local people and experience their way of life. The beach is famous for its lighthouse and moreover for the warm experience of being with a family away from home.

south goa beaches for honeymoon

  1. Majorda Beach A visit to Majorda beach will overpower you with the collective excellence of rich green exhibitions in the midst of the white sand. This beach in South Goa is made for everybody’s pocket. Fancifully celebrated internationally as a place where Lord Rama was kept seized, this beach could be that ideal safe place for your very self. My husband enjoyed toddy tapping, jet skiing here. He is a real adventure enthusiast. Along with that if you are a foodie as my hubby is you can definitely dig into the exquisite delicacies.
  1. Butterfly Beach

Dwelled between two slopes the beach is nothing less than paradise. As the name recommends, this beach is home to the most extraordinary types of butterflies. It is open just through water – a pontoon ride from Palolem Beach is the most limited approach to arrive. Without any shacks, no resorts and not very many drifters, Butterfly among the beaches in South Goa is an ideal escape for that curious end of the week escape. I enjoyed being there as this was a surprise visit to experience the mild but the most enchanting sunset with ample of butterflies hovering here and there.

  1. Polem Beach

Polem is the end beach along the South Goan coastline. Its 700 m long coastline is the absolute best end to any South Goan encounter. With brilliant sand tests, the vast blue waters and little islands tossing lone vibes – Polem beach is ideal for a Goan special honeymoon night. Homestays made of bamboos and palm leaves will take you to a different world altogether. Though I never enjoyed swimming, you would see ample of people enjoying sunbathing and swimming here.

Best Beach in south Goa for Honeymoon

  1. Patnem Beach

Patnem is quite smaller in comparison to other southern goa beaches, but it is a fun goal to kick back and chill. You can enjoy calmness here and stay in peace leaving alone the rush of Goan parties, which are common on the clubhouses located at different places of beaches. If you want to enjoy the “You” time, then Patnem is one place you should unmistakably visit. We enjoyed the soothing massage, Sunbathe as well as various karmic wellness treatments which rejuvenated and distressed us all at once.

Beaches at the southern coast of Goa are thrilling enough to enhance the excitement of being in the company of the most loved person, still, in case you doubt it, experience the same to believe it.

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